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Noreen Jo Thomas

Author/ Speaker/ Health consultant

Noreen teaches classes on food dehydrating, gardening, culinary cooking classes and nutrition topics nationwide. Noreen has a bachelor of science degree in food ad nutrition and microbiology.

She is a freelance writer and author of "Dehydrator Delights", "Caterpillar Scramble and Cantaloupe Boats" and Project Nutrition newsletter. She has appeared on "Donuhue", "Good Morning Kansas City:, "Good Morning Montana" and the Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe and radio shows such as Sausalto, California's-KJO's "Health Talk" and syndicated radio "Agri-talk".

Noreen energizes any group, motivates listening audiences, or informs readers on current nutrition tropics, Noreen is past president of American Heart Association of Clay County, is listed in the "Who's Who in the Midwest". She is available at your convenience to answer further questions you may have.

Interview questions for Noreen Thomas

What are some ideas for stress buster nutrition?

What are some ideas for feeling better?

What are new trends?

How can we eat healthy when we are on the run?

What are we usually lacking in our diets?

How are some quick and healthy snack ideas for kids?

What effect do multi- supplements have on us?

What is the titles of your books and what do they contain? Where available?

What are some of the myths about heart disease?

What about nutrition and an athletics? What should I do to prepare for a game or event?

What are issue concerning men and nutrition? What are issues concerning women and nutrition? Why are breakfasts so important?

Contact: Noreen Thomas 218-233-8066

e-mail= nthomas8@juno.com

Available for; television, radio, and print publication interviews (via phone or in person) book signing, workshops, speaking, or school presentations.

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