Happy Feet, non-profit 4-H group helping kids get shoes.

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If you would like to help by giving a tax-deductible contribution to Happy Feet, send Check/Money order to:
Happy Feet, %Noreen Thomas, PO Box 193 Georgetown, Minnesota 56546. 
For further information contact Noreen Thomas at nthomas8@juno.com or Happy Feet ,%Noreen Thomas, PO Box 193,Georgetown, Minnesota 56546  


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Web page design by Brita Thomas age 11 and Mary Valenzuela age 12

Information:    Oakmound 4-H Georgetown, Minnesota  www.hcity.com

"We are not a big corporation- we are just everyday kids with big hearts."
Oakmound 4-H Club Clay County, MN
Happy Feet Getting Started  In 1998, Oakmound 4-H Club member Brita Thomas (then 10 years old) recognized the need to give back to her community. She noticed a friend was not participating in gym class because she didn't have tennis shoes to
wear. Brita decided to purchase a pair of shoes with her allowance money. Brita and her mother asked school officials if other children were in need of gym shoes. (Without gym shoes, the children can't participated in phy-ed.) The Thomas family mobilized the Oakmound 4-H Club from rural Georgetown, Minnesota, to develop a project that provides tennis shoes for
children who are economically disadvantaged. Kid to Kid Charity The project, known as Happy Feet, is a 501c non-profit organization. The 4-H children run the charity including accounting, auditing, and writing of grant proposals. Even the web page (hcity.com), business proposals and logos are designed by the kids. Members range in age from 5-18 years
old. The charity serves 23 schools in Fargo, Moorhead, Norman County West and Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton school districts.
Shoes to Kids with Need · A school social worker, principal, or homeless shelter staff identify children in need. School or shelter staff trace the student's foot. Tracings are given to the 4-H club, often sent home from school in members' backpacks.
· 4-H club members go to stores, match shoe size to the tracing, and buy the shoes. A youth treasurer writes out the check.
· Children receive the shoes. As a rule, 4-H members do not know the identity of the shoe recipients.

As of February 15, 2002, four thousand kids have received tennis shoes through 4-H Happy Feet.

"It's nice to know that somebody who doesn't know you, would care enough to help you." -Mother of child receiving shoes
"It is nice not to be left out playing with the other kids. Thank you." -Samantha, Recipient of shoes "I appreciate the help. Sometimes I am so busy with other gym kids and running the class that I have little time to help these kids. Other than
Happy Feet, there is no support to help get shoes for these kids." -Gym teacher

"I would like to extend our sincere thanks to all of you who participated and delivered the new shoes for children. Your kindness was felt and seen on every child's face when they received their new shoes. The 4-H shoes that were donated helped the children with a basic necessity that is often overlooked." -YWCA Shelter

Honors, Award, & Letters
· Moorhead Human Rights Award
· Friend of YWCA Award
· Legislative Conference 2000 Association of Minnesota Counties Community
- Leadership Award
· JC Penney Golden Rule Award
· Prudential Bach Finalist for Community Service
· Purple Ribbon, Minnesota State Fair 4-H Community Pride Project
· Resolution from Minnesota State House of Representatives honoring Happy Feet
· Letters from Hilary Clinton, Governor Jesse Ventura
· Governors Act of Kindness Award
· Red Cross Every Day Hero Award
· Shining Star Award
· Bob Rodale's Golden Shoe Award Media Events
· National TV-Warner Bros.-Queen Latifah Show
· WCCO (Twin Cities) TV and WDAY (Fargo-Moorhead) TV
· Agri-Talk National Radio Show, KFGO, WDAY, and North Dakota and Minnesota Public Radio
· Prairie Public TV and All American Voices
· Newspapers including Minneapolis Tribune, The Forum, and Associated Press
· Magazines including American Girl, Runner's World, The Lutheran, Area Woman, National Enquirer, and Guide Post
· Book by American Girl Publishing - "Lindsey"
· Part of Leave a Legacy Campaign
· National Conversation On Youth Development
· Public relations has resulted in 10 million dollars of in-kind advertising, reaching 8 million homes

To Contact Happy Feet:
*Mail: Happy Feet University of Minnesota Extension Service
c/o Noreen Thomas - Clay County
125906 20th Street North 919 8th Avenue North
Moorhead, MN 56560 Moorhead, MN 56560
'Telephone: 218-233-8066 218-299-5020
Email: nthomas8@juno.com clay@extension.umn.edu
Website: www.hcity.com

We Challenge You
The Oakmound 4-H Club challenges YOU to give one pair of gym shoes to your local school or shelter. Email or mail us with your story; how many pairs did you give, where are you from, etc.

Be a "Happy Feet Good Sole

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