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Caterpillar Scramble and Cantaloupe Boats - A cookbook for kids as well as adults. This fully colored book is brimming with ideas and activities for the whole family. Great for rainy/snowy days. The cookbook contains healthy recipes and features nutritional information, PLUS calculated day care portions for USDA food program. 
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"Caterpillar Scramble and Cantaloupe Boats" Cookbook By Noreen Thomas. >>>> About Author. 

Dehydrator Delights by Noreen Thomas

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Dehydrator Delights - This award winning book offers food safety tips and mouth watering recipes. The book gives step by step directions for drying foods,and recipes to make from the dried foods such as casseroles, cakes, and healthy roll-ups.Dehydrator Tip ------ Dehydrators cost between 4 - 6 cents an hour to use. Low costs for healthy snacks. Twenty pounds of apples( using Nutriflow Dehydrators) costs approximately only 0.48- 0.72 to dry. Courtesy - 
Noreen Jo Thomas, author of Dehydrator Delights-
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