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Watermelon, blueberries, cherries, jerky, and apples are all in this how-to guide and recipe book. Dehydrator Delights is a fun and healthy way to create meals, snacks, and deserts and it is easy to use... even children enjoy using it. Over 76 recipes are analyzed for fat, sodium, and calories and cholesterol to help maintain or improve your health goals. You'll find nutritional and tasty foods such as apple bread, spaghetti sauce, barbecue sauce and jerky. And you can make a wonderful snack of dried apples for just pennies when you use a food dehydrator. You can save 50 to 90 percent compared to commercially purchased foods when you use Dehydrate Delights. Storage is also made easier with this book's tips on how to preserve foods that you don't use right away. For instance, you can store five pounds of apples in a small plastic lunch bag. And this makes camping, and sports snacks easy to tote along. Dehydrator Delights is also perfect for teaching children concepts such as where do raisins come from. They can see for their own eyes when the food dehydrator is used.

--- I remember back to the taste of the dried fruit my grandmother made from fruit in her orchard. Nothing compared - not even fresh fruit. The dried fruit was so much sweeter and the room smelled like fresh  pie. She didn't have the luxury of a food dehydrator, but used the sun and hand made screens. The taste and smell is still filed away in my memory. Now as an adult, I use a dehydrator and  enjoy that same flavor and aroma with my children. I have taught a number of dehydrator classes and was frustrated with the lack of good, updated books. Dehydrator Delights gives you a simple, straightforward approach to drying fruits and vegetables. I have been an avid dryer for about 11 years and about 12 tons later, I'll give you the benefit of my short cuts and lessons learned.

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