The Book on, Kids in the kitchen -it’s not just cooking. It's an adventure.

BY Noreen Thomas, click here to learn more about her

Cooking with children is a wonderful experience with this unique book. Noreen Thomas cleverly combines healthy, easy to prepare recipes with fun, educational activities designed to teach math skills, science facts and develop cognitive thinking skills. Caterpillar Scramble and Cantaloupe Boats is packed with enjoyment for children, parents, grandparents, and baby-sitters. It's also an excellent resource for daycare providers since it contains the CCFP (Child Care Food Program) guidelines and a detailed nutritional analysis of each recipe. With Caterpillar Scramble and Cantaloupe Boats you can transform your next snack or lunchtime into an exciting adventure!

When I am looking for something to do with the children on a rainy day, I just bring out the thawed frozen bread dough and let the children create. My children gradually become involved. Then they are "lost for hours as "the artists" create. Dinosaurs evolve, hand prints are formed, snow persons and even family characters are created. Whether it is preparing bread sculptures or helping prepare Lunch, the kitchen is a learning place for children. Hidden in the Kitchen are all sorts of mysteries just waiting to be found. There are adventures in:. Science .Art. Math, Large and small motor development exercises. You don't have to bring out your black safety goggles for a laboratory setting for the science activities. Science lessons are as simple as boiling an egg. The science aspect is the change the egg undergoes as it cooks. It becomes hard, solid, and colored. Another intriguing science experiment in the kitchen is boiling spaghetti noodles. The hard noodles become soft and expand as they are cooked. Carsten, my youngest (age 5), loves to measure the noodles before and after boiling. (One noodle is left out for comparison.) Another family science favorite is baking soda volcanoes. A small pile of baking soda is poured on a dish, then vinegar is added - viola - a volcano erupts. The combination fizzes and foams because of the chemical reaction of basic baking soda and acidic vinegar. The kitchen is also perfect place to hone those math lessons. Math comes alive in the kitchen. Bring out those handy measuring cups and spoons for a functional math lesson. I ask my children to each measure out ingredients such as ½ or ¼ cup macaroni. They love to compare which cup has more, or guessing how many macaroni in each cup. Further lessons come around when I ask them to divide one batch of cookie dough into 24 cookies, or divide the ingredients by two to make half a batch. Young children enjoy completing tasks that are quick. One or two minute jobs in the kitchen can be stirring raisins, sprinkling nuts on the top of bars, peeling the bananas, or tossing a salad. These short tasks help develop fine motor skills by exercising the small muscles in the hand. These muscles in the hand are the same muscles, which will help him or her to hold a pencil. The tasks also help develop eye hand coordination. When I work with my youngest child (a preschooler) in the kitchen I find it's best to have simple recipes, with as few steps as possible. He enjoys the experience of working with food, especially if the recipe is short and keeps his attention. Fruit salad, cocoa, pudding or spiced apple juice is quick and some favorite easy foods to prepare. The aroma of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies is always a delight! Part of the kitchen experience is allowing children to smell and taste the ingredients going into the dish (with the exception of raw eggs and meats or poultry due to the chance of food borne bacteria). The finished product is very different from each ingredient on it's own and I find they seem to need time to discover and explore. Older children as well as younger enjoy preparing food. Food preparation enhances self-esteem and can children feel more independent when they are allowed to cook. Local bookstores and libraries are a wealth of information for new recipes As a family we scan the local bookstores or library for new ideas and recipes. There is endless memories are just waiting to be to made or "whipped up." In the kitchen.

"Caterpillar Scramble and Cantaloupe - Boats" Cookbook By Noreen Thomas.
Noreen's other book - Dehydrating

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BY Noreen Thomas, click here to learn more about her

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