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Hi, I'm Girard Sagmiller and this is a short story about my car Sam. 

 Years back a retired farmer name "Sam", (how the car got the name) drove his old 1958 Delray car down a dirt road north of Zap, North Dakota. As he crested the hill he hit a cow standing on the road and smashed up the front end of the car. Years ago, North Dakota had a law that if someone hit your livestock on the highway you had to pay for the damage or buy the car. My bother-in-law bought the car for $250 and placed it on his farmland to rust. After thinking about it, he gave the car to me. His thinking was it would keep a 13-year-old boy busy. I worked after school and weekends getting the car to run. I finally got it to run and drove it throughout high school, it really never did have a good paint job, but I enjoyed the car all the same. After high school, I parked the car at my parent's house. Fifteen years later, I bought my own house and moved the car home and started working on it again. 2001 I finished it, as it really is never finished, but the paint, motor, train and inside are done.... See the photo's below -- Update, after posting this years ago, I noted a lot of 58 having this same color.. Note: Chevy never used this color in 58.  I don’t mind, but if you like the custom color of your car, don’t post a lot of photos of it on the web.

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Girard Sagmiller's 58 Girard Sagmiller 58 delray
Girard Sagmiller 58 chevy inside

Girard Sagmiller

 Girard Sagmiller 58 chevy


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